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L.G.R HEREOS | Peter Beard

29 March 2024

L.G.R HEROES | Peter Beard


Introducing the first chapter of L.G.R’s Heroes:
legendary characters who have made a lasting impression.




The first hero is Peter Beard: the photographer, artist and writer, who turned his life into a work of art.

Born in the heart of the 20th century, Beard embodied the perfect blend of artist and explorer, pushing beyond the boundaries of convention to embrace the wild and unknown. His passion of Africa, awakened since youth, led him to abandon the comforts of Western civilization to immerse himself in the untamed lands of the African continent.



Through his camera lens, Beard captured the vibrant essence of African wildlife, skillfully immortalizing iconic creatures and breathtaking landscapes. Yet, Beard’s impact extended far beyond photography: he transformed his adventures into epic tales, conveying stories of courage and resilience through books and artistic journals, which traveled to museum around the world as living pieces of art and traces of a true adventure’s life and blood.



With an unparalleled blend of courage, passion and dedication, Beard transformed his experience into art forms, inspiring  future generations. His legacy stands as a tribute to the beauty of nature and power of creative expression.




The L.G.R collection model inspired by the travels and adventures of Peter Beard is the Reunion Metal Explorer. This frame seamlessly blends the adventurous spirit of the African wilderness with the modern and bustling atmosphere of New York scene, the two primary influences of the works of the American photographer.



Available in both prescription and sunglasses versions, the Reunion Metal Explorer features a sophisticated structure crafted from ultra-lightweight metal, with cellulose acetate side flaps that add a touch of elegant modernity to the frame.