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David Martin

Sector Expert


What's your favorite movie?



If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?


Play every musical instrument well. Not just house-party or camp-fire noise but actually play any instrument, from the violin to the bass clarinet and beyond.


Over 27 years of innovation across the globe building better products and services. From automotive to consumer products, utility to multinational beverage sectors solving some of the toughest social and commercialization challenges to make companies better.

Recently appointed to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund Council, David becomes one of the 15 members recognized as leaders in the federal, municipal and environmental sectors and as innovators and champions of environmental sustainability.

Specialties: Deep technical knowledge and abilities paired with professional sales skills for all kinds of technologies and products. Excellent presenter of complex and novel ideas to broad audiences - making connections that make sense and inspiring motivation through enthusiasm and diligence.

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